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A Contest for Engineering Firms!!

My friend and colleague Marc Warren and I have been working with engineering firms for many years.  Something that puzzles us is the term “client service”.  It means too many things to too many people.  And unfortunately, many people put it under the heading “business development” or “marketing”, which implies that client service is the responsibility of business development and marketing—and that it stops right there.  The worst thing, though, is that many project managers think “client service” isn’t their responsibility.  But as our clients, don’t you have a different perspective?  Don’t you expect project managers and project team members to return your phone calls, deliver uncomfortable news to you as soon as possible (along with solutions), recognize individuals in your organization who have gone above and beyond, and be upfront with you about changes to scope?  THAT’S client service!

Marc and I think maybe you could help us find a new name for “client service”.  What do you think?  This contest is cooler than naming a new kitten.  And there’s a fun prize for the winner!  Entries are due February 28, 2018.  Please submit to Marc at or Ann at  May the best name win!!