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We work with outstanding clients globally.  Here are some of our representative engagements:

Client: Pennoni Associates
Objective: Strengthen the Project Management Culture

Malarkey Consulting, Inc., delivered “Consulting 101”,  introducing recent graduates to the business of consulting, including understanding financial terms (multipliers, billability, accounts receivable, etc.), as well as client expectations, changes, and introduction to contract terms and conditions.

Malarkey works with Pennoni management develop a career path for project managers, including requirements for becoming a project manager and moving to the next levels.  The career path model defines a PM Scorecard, curriculum, and expectations for each level. Malarkey is working with an internal team to execute training in support of their project management certificate program, as well as developing standards (checklists, procedures, and templates) to streamline cash flow elements.

Client:  Iowa Department of Transportation
Objective:  Establish a Project Management Culture

Worked with a colleague to develop and deliver customized project management workshops.  Her colleague is an internationally recognized expert in Microsoft Project®.  The participants were divided into teams of 4-5; each worked on separate capital projects.  Particular steps in the project management process (e.g., work breakdown structure, cost estimating, risk), were clearly linked to steps in Microsoft Project®.

Client:  American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Objectives:  Project Management Consulting and Training for Multiple Clients, and Public Programs

Ann is the sole provider of in-person project management foundations training for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) nationwide.  Her clients include both public sector organizations (e.g., New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Crow Nation Infrastructure Department, Vermont Agency on Transportation, Pima County (Tucson, AZ) Departments of Public Works and Transportation, Pima Association of Governments, Las Vegas Valley Water District, and Port of Los Angeles) and private sector companies (GeoEngineers, Freeport McMoRan Mining, International Relief and Development, Hardesty-Hanover, Delon Hampton, Raytheon, and  JMT).

Client:  Urban Engineers
Objective:  Co-Instruct Management of Transit Construction Projects

This course is offered to transit agencies and their engineers nationwide through the National Transit Institute at Rutgers University.  Ann has been a subcontracted team member for several years.  The 3-day course covers the Project Management Plan required for Federal Transit Administration funding, as well as other topics to help agencies manage their projects (e.g., earned value, value engineering, constructability review, interfacing with the public, contract and risk issues, delay claims, project tracking/reporting, etc.)

Client: Henkels & McCoy
Objective:  Improve Project Scoping, Estimating, Scheduling, and Profitability for a Healthier Bottom Line

We assisted Henkels & McCoy to become a more project management-oriented culture.  We prepared tests to gauge project management knowledge.  We also helped facilitate the creation and refinement of a project management process and methodology.  We worked with corporate management to develop a “straw-man” methodology, which was then presented to a cross-section of the company’s managers. We also trained the regional Project Management Office representatives.

Client:  Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD)
Objective:  Create a Project Management Culture

Delivered a combination project planning workshop and project management training.  The group worked in teams of 4-5, each on a separate mission-critical capital project.  After each brief lecture on a step in the PM process (e.g., work breakdown structure, project network diagram, risk, etc.), the teams applied what they learned as they created successive portions of their project plans.  The teams left the training with project plans that were 60-80% complete.  They followed the plans during project execution, modifying as necessary.  The workshop laid the foundation for a project management culture.  Approximately 100 additional employees participated in subsequent training sessions.

Client: State of Delaware Brownfields Program
Objective:  Redesign the Brownfields Process.

Facilitated a 2-day meeting, which gathered regulators, owners/developers, and environmental consultants to collaborate on streamlining the Brownfields process.  One key to streamlining the process is the commitment from the regulators to have a kick-off meeting for each project, to which the regulators invite representatives from ALL departments which may need to review the project plans (e.g., wetlands, stormwater, etc.).  In the past, coordinating input from these diverse departments has caused significant delays in projects.  In addition, all parties committed to developing a schedule for the project, including deadlines for submittals, reviews, and other milestones.  The new process was codified into law by the Delaware Legislature.

“Ann has worked with McCarthy Engineering almost since our inception in 2000. Her professionalism and training methods are outstanding.”

– Cindy Quick, Operations Manager for McCarthy Engineering Associates