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Malarkey Consulting servicesMost project managers—even seasoned PMs—are rarely trained to:

  • Develop lasting relationships with clients
  • Understand the importance of cash flow (including getting their invoices out and following up on them)
  • Price proposals for profitability
  • Client discussion and billing for scope creep immediately

It is so important that companies establish PM Scorecards to reinforce the importance of solid project management to the success (and even survival) of the organization.  The PM Scorecards also let PMs and their managers see their effectiveness grow.  We work with organizations to develop PM Scorecards, as well as the following services:

  • Collaboratively develop a consistent method for planning and managing projects, which lays the foundation for the PM Scorecards
  • Develop career ladders and internal PM accreditation programs for project personnel, along with identifying the requisite skills and experience to move to the next rung. This shows employees a way forward with the organization, thus developing and retaining your best employees.

“Ann has worked with McCarthy Engineering almost since our inception in 2000. Her professionalism and training methods are outstanding.”

– Cindy Quick, Operations Manager for McCarthy Engineering Associates