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Our motto is our mission: We deliver the keys to profitability. Most engineers and scientists never learned about profitability in college. Have you ever had Project Managers (PMs) who paid attention to these, the keys to profitability? Do you wish they were better at this?

  • The Business Side of Your Business: Understanding profit drivers such as cash flow, setting up the project in the accounting system correctly, getting invoices out on time—and following up; managing changes—and getting paid for them; minimizing scope creep, adhering to deadlines; and understanding contract terms and conditions.
  • Communication: Understanding how to grow client relationships, keeping the client in the loop, kicking off the project for success, focusing on the important as well as the urgent, keeping the team on track, and personal time management.
  • Practice: Training is only the beginning. Structured practice and mentoring make the training stick, helps PMs feel more confident and encourages them to mentor up-and-coming PMs and team members.

We are dedicated to helping the principals in transportation engineering achieve their strategic, operational, and profitability goals through creating world-class PMs who deliver well planned and executed projects—on-time and within budget.

“Ann has worked with McCarthy Engineering almost since our inception in 2000. Her professionalism and training methods are outstanding.”

– Cindy Quick, Operations Manager for McCarthy Engineering Associates