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Malarkey Consulting, Inc., is the only project management training and consulting firm in the Philadelphia area that has a unique focus on the elements that create a world-class team focused on PROFITABILITY.  We serve clients nationally and internationally in the transportation engineering arena.  Our clientele are primarily transportation engineering firms who want to add more profit to their bottom line by developing project managers who understand their role in delivering it. We do this as well for IT professionals, and other high-level technical specialties.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Unique standards and best practices for project management, combined with a deep understanding that Project Managers are the engines of your firm’s profitability.
  • Delivering the highest level of unique training that is always reinforced
  • Protecting your privacy, trademarks and business plans
  • Offering the highest level of communication and collaboration with your and your team
  • Providing timely, easy-to-understand invoices
  • Being available to answer your questions
  • No surprises
  • Adhering to the ethical standards defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Project Management Institute, and other professional organizations.

“Ann has worked with McCarthy Engineering almost since our inception in 2000. Her professionalism and training methods are outstanding.”

– Cindy Quick, Operations Manager for McCarthy Engineering Associates