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flying superheroMost PM training usually takes place in one day or, at the most, two to three days. These project managers are then expected to internalize all information and put it into practice. This rarely happens. Additionally, the brevity of training exposes your firm to avoidable risk. All firms are only as good as their Project Managers because they are the cash flow engines.

Most firms have at least one World Class Project Manager. Those who reach that level of expertise are often responsible for a significant percentage of billable hours. It’s interesting that many firms pay little attention to the factors that create the level of “World-Class”. Why would you settle for one or two World-Class Project Managers? Raise your bar and develop ALL of your PMs to World-Class status!

“Ann has worked with McCarthy Engineering almost since our inception in 2000. Her professionalism and training methods are outstanding.”

– Cindy Quick, Operations Manager for McCarthy Engineering Associates